About Us

Seniors Outdoors! is an outdoor recreation and social club providing organized year-round outdoor activities and related educational opportunities to active adults age fifty or over. Members share an interest in exploring the Durango and Four Corners Region, staying healthy and physically fit, and meeting others with similar interests.

Club meetings are generally held at the Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Avenue in Durango on the second Tuesday of each month. "Social hour" begins at 6:30 p.m. and the meetings start at 7:00. Programs feature local speakers on a variety of informative and educational topics. We host quarterly potluck dinners at the same times in March, June, September and December.

Seniors Outdoors! has a diverse Outings Schedule with at least two outings a week, including day hikes, backpacking, interpretive and destination hikes,  bicycling, snowshoeing, skiing, overnight trips, etc. The club has adopted two segments along Highway 550, which we clean up several times a year.  

We are a diverse group with different ability levels, so outings are planned to accommodate varied paces and distances. In addition, there are several specialized subgroups within Seniors Outdoors!. One large subgroup is the Seniors Outdoors Singles (SOS), which provides a calendar of social activities for members of the club, whether single or not (SOS Schedule). Other subgroups include such activities as downhill skiing and Wednesday Wanderers.

Seniors Outdoors! has grown into a large and very active club. The club is an "all volunteer" organization, and members are expected to assist with club activities and management. We have prepared the Member Information Folder to help our members recognize the problems and hazards associated with outdoor activities and be prepared for adverse conditions or situations. It contains guidelines for participating in and leading club outings so they go smoothly and safely. By using this information and coming prepared for outings, you can do your part to ensure safe and enjoyable outings for yourself and others. Happy Trails!

Club History

In the Spring of 1998, Charlie Speno, director of the Durango Area Agency on Aging, developed the concept for an outdoor outings club for seniors in the Durango area. Charlie was concerned that many seniors were not getting enough exercise; he felt that an organized club might encourage individuals age 50+ to get outdoors more often and stay in shape. Starting with a newspaper announcement, Charlie facilitated development of the volunteer group and began doing public relations...(more)